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India is becoming a more important economic and political role in the Southeast Asian area. Businesses perceive chances to enter a new market, expand current operations, or export commodities/services to India’s billions of people. On the other hand, Indian firms perceive chances to export their goods and services as well as extend their businesses to other markets in Southeast Asia and throughout the world. Themis Partner offers the expertise, experience, and history in cross-border services to assist businesses in navigating this expanding economic powerhouse. Our team of lawyers has substantial corporate, regulatory, and transactional expertise advising Indian and international clients on direct investments, totally foreign-owned firms, mergers and acquisitions,  and a wide variety of commercial transactions.

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What legal services do we provide?

At Themis Partner, we define success based on the KPIs of our clients. Our attorneys are committed to providing unrivaled customer care and the finest quality legal advice. We are proactive and approachable, offering practical solutions and sound guidance. We are constantly aware that we must earn our reputation by providing outcomes that speak for themselves.

Our lawyers are admired by their peers, acknowledged by industry endorsements, and recognized by important appointments to bar associations and the court system as a growing, full-service law practice of varied and devoted legal professionals. The most important thing to us, though, is the respect we have acquired from our clientele. Every customer is significant, from Top enterprises to small and emerging businesses to governmental bodies, NGOs, and people.

Our continuous commitment to customer pleasure and service has defined our mission and fueled our expansion. We build solid partnerships based on a thorough grasp of each client’s requirements, prompt responsiveness, and sensible counsel. We guarantee the following:

A Long Term Partnership: We make it our business to get to know your company and, more importantly, your style of doing business. We cultivate centuries-long connections by investing in each client’s success and collaborating with you to reach your business objectives.

Personalized Support: We serve each customer as if they are our only client, aggressively sharing our business and legal expertise to solve your most difficult and complicated legal concerns. We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional customer service in terms of responsiveness and response time.

Seamless Representation: We bring together the best teams from many markets to provide individualized legal solutions for our customers, no matter where their businesses take them. Our attorneys use cutting-edge technology and communication tactics throughout the business to keep you informed and active.

Forward Thinking Leaders: We try to consistently adapt as a business, employing creative and thoughtful best practices while ensuring our fundamental principles influence how we interact with people and who we hire.

Cost Effective Services: We collaborate with you to deliver high-quality legal guidance at the lowest feasible cost and in the shortest amount of time. To maintain financial certainty and responsibility, our business supports various fee agreements and risk-reward options.

Do I need a lawyer to do business in India?

Cross-border legal issues are frequently complicated, necessitating the services of legal counsel who understand how various cultures influence commercial dealings. We thoroughly understand the cultural nuances and specific features of conducting business in India because several members of our India practice team were born in India or are of Indian heritage. In India’s ever-changing economy, our attorneys provide clients with effective, seamless counsel.

The India practice team at Themis Partners has extensive corporate, regulatory, and transactional experience assisting Indian and international clients with direct investments, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, and the full range of commercial dealings. Our attorneys are skilled in navigating the Indian government’s regulatory bureaucracy while capitalizing on new economic reform prospects. We serve customers in a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, consumer products, commerce, and information technology.

Our India practice team assists customers in conducting business in India. We offer strategic legal advice to Indian businesses wishing to grow or establish operations. Our team collaborates across practice areas to form a team that serves our Indian customers with a variety of services ranging from business and intellectual property to immigration and taxation.

What do our lawyers specialize in?

When a disagreement develops, our highly skilled and educated litigators guarantee that complaints are addressed and our clients’ rights are respected. Our lawyers have extensive courtroom and mediation expertise, offering an additional degree of comfort that the legal approach adopted will limit legal risk while maximizing opportunity.

1. Corporate Lawyers

Many corporations have their headquarters in India, creating opportunity for many corporate attorneys. Many multinational corporations have operations there, allowing law firms and corporate lawyers to provide services to customers in India. Corporate Lawyers in India are well recognized for providing services in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), a growing area of law.

2. Property Lawyers

Property attorneys are difficult to obtain, and one must exercise caution while selecting a lawyer in India because these problems may be quite involved and generate several complications. If you own property in India and have legal issues, you should contact professional Property attorneys in India who can assist you in the best way possible. Property attorneys in India are highly familiar with all municipal regulations and rules, and they know how to handle these matters in courts and tribunals. India Property Lawyers are also adept in handling cases in revenue tribunals.

3. Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers in India are well knowledgeable about all types of criminal cases filed in magistrate and sessions courts. These Indian criminal attorneys handle concerns such as bails, POCSO, small criminal cases, check bounce, anticipatory bail, and so on. When it comes to filing a criminal complaint or filing a FIR, one can also seek the assistance of Indian lawyers. If the police do not take you to court, you might seek the advice and assistance of an Indian lawyer.

4. Cyber Crime Lawyers

Everyone in the world is concerned about digital or cyber crimes. India is also suffering as a result of this, and many cybercrimes are being recorded on a regular basis, which is why there is an increase in Cyber Crime attorneys in India as well. In India, cyberlaw attorneys are well-versed in assisting law enforcement agencies in apprehending criminals and assisting victims. Police officers frequently seek the advice of cybercrime attorneys in India in situations. Cybercrime attorneys from India also help groups and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that aim to raise awareness about cyberlaw and cybercrime.

5. Divorce Lawyers

Divorce cases are difficult to file, and there are many facets of divorce that you must understand before submitting a lawsuit in court. An expert Divorce Lawyer in India can help you clarify the entire procedure as well as the complexities in a professional manner, as well as point out the effects of many elements that are relevant to you and your married life.

Where can our lawyers help you?

Lawyers in Delhi

Delhi is India’s oldest city, and it is home to some of the best attorneys in the country. This city is home to India’s top court, the Supreme Court, which is the highest authority of judicial power in the country. The skill of Delhi attorneys is well recognized among the residents of the city, which has produced some of the top lawyers and judges in the field of law. There are many pending cases in the courts, as there are many cases filed in Delhi courts, and as a result, Delhi Advocates are well prepared with knowledge and expertise to manage that number of cases with ease.

On average, 300-500 cases are filed in each District Court every month, which is a key reason why Delhi Advocates have gained exceptional expertise in all areas of the law. Delhi is unusual in that it has given its lawyers the opportunity to appear in three of India’s most significant courts, namely a District Court, a High Court (the Delhi High Court), and the Supreme Court. This tremendously benefits Delhi attorneys and allows them to file applications and petitions such as Appeals and Special Leave Petitions (SLP).

When a person is faced with a legal issue in Delhi or the NCR, he only needs to seek for and engage a good lawyer from Delhi, as well as contact any experienced lawyer in Delhi who deals with various parts of law.

A skilled and experienced lawyer in Delhi understands all legal issues and will do all necessary to guarantee that his client receives the best possible relief. The Delhi lawyers are well-known for their knowledge, talent, and expertise, and their clients are pleased and satisfied with them.

Lawsuits, particularly divorce cases, are increasing in Delhi, with hundreds of cases filed each week on average. If you consult a civil lawyer in Delhi, he or she will explain in detail why there are so many civil, property, and child custody issues filed every day. If you are seeking for Divorce attorneys in Delhi, you can be confident that you will find the top divorce lawyers in Delhi here.

Lawyers in Bangalore

Bangalore has a lot of employment opportunities, and because of its high employability, it draws a lot of young people who are looking for work. From the early 2000s until the present, the city’s floating population has increased dramatically. When there is an increase in population, there is also an increase in legal concerns and disagreements. Legal challenges and disputes can range from labor and employment to tenancy and rent, divorce, and property. And anytime two people disagree, they seek the assistance of a lawyer in Bangalore to resolve their differences.

Bangalore, Karnataka’s capital city, has numerous imported courts in and around it where one can readily locate Bangalore Lawyers when needed. Bangalore is home to the Karnataka High Court, the Metropolitan Magistrate Court, the City Civil Court, the Small Causes Court, the Commercial Court, the Labour Court, and the Family Court. Bangalore attorneys will determine which court to submit the lawsuit in based on the type of case and jurisdiction. A criminal case, for example, can be filed at Magistrate Court, a civil case at Bangalore City Civil Court, and a divorce case at Family Court, Bangalore.

Lawyers in Chennai

Lawyers in Chennai handle a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, business, family, banking and finance, and company registration. You must be extremely clear about your requirements before selecting how to approach a lawyer.
If your needs are civil in nature, Civil Lawyers in Chennai are the finest people to handle your case. If your dispute involves property, you will want the services of an experienced Lawyer who specializes in property law. Corporate attorneys in Chennai are ideal whether you are beginning a business or managing a large corporation.

So, first and foremost, you must determine who to contact depending on your needs. Most lawyers practice in many fields. There are law companies that have teams that cover all aspects of the law and give solid legal help to their clients.
The number of divorce lawyers in Chennai is increasing as divorce cases are increasing due to socioeconomic developments. Divorce lawyers often handle child custody and support issues (if required).

Choosing the appropriate lawyer is the first step in pursuing any legal dispute. A trained lawyer’s counsel is far more valuable than conducting your own study on the subject.

Lawyer in Mumbai

Mumbai is renowned as India’s financial hub and is one of the country’s major cities. Given Mumbai’s population and socioeconomic conditions, the city’s legal demand is significantly greater and expanding by the year.

Mumbai, as one of the Presidency towns, has a lengthy and well-established judicial system. A Mumbai lawyer can practice in magistrate court, civil court, family court, and the august Bombay High Court. Lawyers in Mumbai are highly trained and active in addressing a wide range of cases in various courts.

Advocates in Mumbai are well-known and adept in managing many types of legal concerns. They cater to various corporate and societal requirements. The number of civil lawsuits in Mumbai is increasing, as are the number of commercial concerns requiring corporate attorneys in Mumbai.
Advocate in Mumbai handles all types of criminal, commercial, divorce, child custody, banking, landlord & tenant, and other cases.

Choosing the appropriate lawyer is critical for everybody. An advocate can advise you on the proper legal measures and procedures to take. Advocates will also inform you of several advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before engaging in any case.

Your legal matter requires skilled hands, and Mumbai attorneys are the perfect people to help you through the legal process and procedure in the best possible way in your best interests. In today’s environment, finding a Lawyer in Mumbai is not difficult. Engage the proper lawyer to settle your legal issue.

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